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Prairie Midden


Tess Taylor, poetry reviewer for NPR’s “All Things Considered,” says about Prairie Midden“Part excavation, part elegy, this book enacts tenderness and calls for the recovery of a history and an ecosystem at once.”

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Poems that explore the course of the death of Kildegaard’s mother, the course of her own grief, and the course of the river that was integral to her childhood.

“We are caught in the current of this marvelous book, which is as honest and deep-flowing and eternal as the river that passes through its pages,” writes Connie Wanek, author of Rival Gardens: New and Selected Poems.

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Poet and novelist Wendy Chin-Tanner calls Ventriloquy a “strong, unapologetically feminist collection."

The book is composed of four poem sequences: “Garden of Tongues, Garden of Eyes,” “Saints, Contrary and Futile,” “Divination,” and “Still Life with Universe.”

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Cloves & Honey


“Here’s how to read this collection: no politely, nibbling, with tea, no, but in a binge, with your bare hands, spilling and slurping,” says the award-winning poet Todd Boss.

The poems were begun as a resolution to write a love poem every day for a year.

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Bodies of Light


Minnesota Book Award finalist.

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Rocked by the Waters:
Poems of Motherhood


Co-edited with Margaret Hasse

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Rare Momentum


“In her hands, the Fibonacci sequence is neither a formal stunt, nor stunted by formality, but is an opportunity to present vitally compressed feeling within a formal structure which is at once constrained and expansive.”

—from the introduction by John Calvin Rezmerski

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